I’ll try to do these running the numbers posts as long as I have new data to share. For even more up to date info: follow me on twitter. I tweet about a lot of things, often my writing. Not a huge swing in the count this week. I had a new partial request (yay!) and one rejection (boo!) anyway… the numbers as they stand today:

  • Total Agents Queried: 81
  • Unanswered Queries: 51
  • Query Rejections: 30
  • Partials Requested: 4
  • Outstanding Partials: 3
  • Partials Rejected: 1
  • Fulls Requested: 0
  • Fulls Rejected: 0

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  1. I’m in sales and this is starting to look a lot like everything else. It takes so many whatchamacallits to make a thingamabob. It takes several thingamabobs to produce a widget. A few widgets can be boiled down to…the one thing we all look for, a finished, pay earning product.

    Good Luck.


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