Handed partials of my latest manuscript (The Stars Were Right) to a few readers over the long weekend, and got some very excited feedback. I was told that there was apparent improvement in my writing something I have been seeing but it’s nice to have it validated. Most people took to my main character which is good, since it’s told a first person perspective. There was some dissatisfaction that came from the fact that there is no more to read. Which again is pretty great feedback. The pressures on I guess.

One thing to come out of this was a newfound excitement for my manuscript. At 60k words with the end in the distance it’s difficult to sometimes see the forest through the trees. Things slow down, a project becomes a slog. Seeing other people getting excited over my work gets me excited. Give me a reason to write. Even if I never sell it, if my beta readers enjoyed it I’ve done something right.

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