The Book Cover Archive

So, I am a trained designer. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it. While most of my focus has shifted away from traditional print design (I work mainly in software these days) I still love what I started doing. Today’s recommendation is born out of my love for design and my desire to be a published author.

‘Reading’ might be a bit of a stretch in this recommendation, but there’s nothing better than checking out some really smartly designed book covers. Luckily for us there’s The Book Cover Archive a collection of book cover designs and designers. I absolutely love the Science Fiction section. Some amazing work that really goes beyond the crap normally seen in speculative fiction cover design. Sharp and thought provoking design work that is well curated.

Well worth a browse.


  1. Some of those old pulps had the best covers! I own a few tattered paperbacks with better designs than their modern reprints.

    (I used to design newsletters, posters, flyers, and booklets by using an Xacto knife, non-photo blue pencils and graph paper, stencils, etc. There’s a certain mind-consuming creativity with that manual form of layout that I’ve not quite been able to achieve by using software.)


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