The Stars Were Right

I had a few requests for me to post my query for The Stars Were Right like I did with Coal Belly when I posted my two projects. So here it is, it’s still a work in progress – I find I’m always tweaking this thing. Feel free to offer feedback, leave a comment, whatever, if my skin isn’t thick enough to handle it, it needs to get thicker.


Caravan Master Waldo Bell didn’t expect to return home a criminal. He just wanted a relaxing month off between jobs so he could explore the city of Lovat, enjoy a soft bed, and acquire a few decent meals. Instead, he was arrested — accused of hacking off body parts and killing old friends.

Escaping custody and on the run, Wal becomes a citywide fugitive fighting to clear his name. As the body count rises, a shadowy assassin emerges as the true killer, and the trail begins to grow more and more bizarre.

Enlisting the help of some unexpected allies, Wal begins his own investigation into the very heart of Lovat itself, leading him to a cult of religious zealots and a plot led by an ancient demi-god.

THE STARS WERE RIGHT (87,842 words) is The Fugitive meets Lovecraft, combining mystery and monsters, chases and cults, and an ancient evil in a world that is similar but not quite like our own.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

K. M. Alexander

So yeah. There it is in all it’s querying glory.