Wool Omnibus

First off do yourself a favor, go over to Hugh Howey’s website and subscribe to his RSS feed. It’s great and you’ll thank me later. Secondly go buy Wool. There’s a reason why it has sold an amazing amount of copies for an indie book (last I read somewhere over 300k,) and was picked up by a traditional publisher, and has been optioned for a movie: it’s great.

It takes place in an underground shelter hundreds of years (and many generations) after an apocalyptic disaster destroyed the surface of earth. It’s smartly written, well paced, and surprisingly fresh. Howey’s characters —even the minor ones— stand on their own and come across as real people with strengths, weaknesses, goals, and visions. I chewed through all 5 novellas (included in this omnibus) in about a week, couldn’t put them down. Part post-apocalyptic, part action-adventure, part romance, it just might be my favorite book of 2012.

Oh and when your done with Wool and find yourself wanting more… fret not, Howey is hard at work on the sequel.


  1. If ever an independent review of a book, especially an indie one, were ever going to inspire me to read said book; it would be this one. I’m thoroughly intrigued and want to check this book out. I enjoy post apocalypse genres, but I’ve never been an indie reader so this is saying a lot.


    1. Heh, thanks.

      I don’t pretend to be much of a book reviewer which is why I tend to stick with more toolkit related “recommendations.” However Wool really struck a chord with me.

      I described it to a gamer friend as “Fallout: The Novel” – I pulled that line from my post because really… it’s so much more than that, it transcends it’s setting. In a lot of ways I’d argue that it helps define the post-apocalyptic genre where a lot of similar set books tend to read like survivalist fanfic.


      1. I’m not going to rush out and read it only because I’m in the process of writing my own story set in an apocalyptic setting, though it–I would say–is not a post-apocalypse story.

        So, for the sake of saving myself from story bleed, I’m going to hold off for now…which means maybe indefinitely because this story is taking forever.


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