A writing pen image, which is super original on a writing blog. It's all I could do on short notice, cut me some slack okay.

I’m going to start highlighting blogs that I hit up on a regular basis concerning writing, publishing, or anything else I find interesting. Feel free to suggest any to me as well, via email or on twitter. I am always hungry for new content and if I like it I’ll do my best to share.

Todays addition:

The Passive Voice

The blog hails itelf as being about “Writers, Writing, Publishing, Disruptive Innovation, and the Universe” and it covers all of that. It’s become my goto link for all manner of news dealing with publishing and self-publishing from interviews, articles, excerpts, to quotes. I am finding it more and more relevant to my journey into the publishing sphere.

I included it in my Links section at the bottom of my page. My goal is to get a second column on here someday, and all that stuff waaaaaay down at the bottom will be higher up and actual useful/findable. (Biggest downside to the Chunk theme in my opinion.) So yeah, I’ll fix that, someday… soon… after I finished that next chapter.

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