Things Are Happening

So it’s been an interesting few weeks, not enough changes in data to do a “Running the Numbers” post but I have little bits of news and wanted to share.

First, I had not one but two full manuscript requests for The Stars Were Right and not from agents but directly from publishers! As I have been implying for a few posts, I am considering self-publishing Stars, but it didn’t stop me from listing it and Coal Belly on Publishers Marketplace. While not a definite acquisition it’s still a good feeling to know publishers are actually interested in my books even if agents don’t seem to be.

Second, I hired an editor! I’m approaching the publishing of Stars from two angles: I’ll try to sell it the traditional path, but while I do that there is nothing to stop me from self publishing; of the 300 or so six figure deals reported to Publishers Marketplace in 2012, 20% were from books that started out self-published. If I am going to self-publish I have to get my manuscript up to a high level of polish so I can deliver my final product. To do that I need an editor. So, I am happy to say I will be working with Victoria Shockley on prepping The Stars Were Right for self-publishing. I’ve loved what she’s done so far and look forward to seeing what she’s able to do with my muck of a manuscript. If you’re looking for an editor, reach out to her. She’s great.

Third, I broke 25k words on Old Broken Road. That puts me about 25% in and it’s starting to pick up it’s pace in both my own writing and it’s plot.

Finally, I am getting really close to finishing the cover for The Stars Were Right to which I thank my friends in mischief over at at Butt3rscotch for the feedback, advice, and input. I love those lords and ladies, they’re a solid group. I’ll be sure to post about it on here when it’s finished.

Things are happening!


    1. Thanks and good question. I’m a user experience designer by day and I was looking for another creative release in my off-hours that didn’t involve design. I did a lot of freelance work on the side early in my career and it just got exhausting.

      I always liked writing and telling stories and really enjoyed building engaging characters and worlds and I love to get peoples reactions in reading the manuscripts I write. Since probably 2005/2006 I’ve been writing on the side as just a creative outlet. Only recently have I decided to make a go of it.


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