Old Broken Road

So while I work on getting “The Stars Were Right” shipshape, I have been spending time on my next book in that series: “Old Broken Road.” I was once given the advice that with my writing time I should spend 70% of it working on new material and 30% working on other writerly work (editing, rewrites, that sort of thing.) I don’t force myself down a strict time keeping path but roughly that is how it has shaken out for me.

Saturday I wrote about a chapter and a half and got some great notes back from a crit partner so I was able to spend some time to make a few subtle changes to “The Stars Were Right,” once finished I dove right back into writing “Old Broken Road.”

Sunday was immensely prolific, spent most of the afternoon writing and finished another chapter and a half. Which put me at three finished chapters for the weekend. (I tend to write chapter by chapter.) I am really liking the pace now and I am totally into where this is going. As it always seem to go with my work my pace is picking up as I near the end.

So as of this weekend I hit 57,344 words in “Old Broken Road” meaning I put down about 6,200 words. Hugely productive. If I can maintain this pace I might have my first draft of “OBR” finished by June!

Now time for Game of Thrones, some homemade pasta, and a well deserved glass of wine.