So it’s that time. I need to buy my IBSNs. Well, that’s not technically true. I don’t have to buy an IBSN, it’s not required to self publish. However if you want to get your work in the hands of booksellers, libraries, and the like you’ll need an IBSN. It’ll also help people find your book on Goodreads. (If you’re not on Goodreads, you should be. Let’s be friends there.)

If I read all this stuff right I’ll need a different IBSN for different formats, though I have seen folks skirt this by just having an ISBN for the “ebook” edition.

My initial run for “The Stars Were Right” will be a Kindle .mobi, an iBooks .epub, and a DRM free .epub which I’ll be selling though my own store. Plus later this year I am hoping to do a small run of printed books as well. That means at least 3 ISBNs to start with, and more later. That means I’ll need to buy a pack of ‘em. Which means $250 dollars. In the grand scheme of this whole process that’s not a lot, but I keep staring at it my finger hovering over the buy button.

So yeah, being a publisher is expensive.


  1. Oh don’t get me wrong. I am totally excited. The ability these days to reach such a wide audience with a small investment is incredible. Still, this is one of those things where I find myself starting at the buy button. Kinda weird to realize I am at this point. You know?


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