My Pinterest Inspiration Boards

I have been trying to figure out how I as an author can effectively use Pinterest and then it hit me: why not use it as a place to keep all the images that have helped inspire me? So I did! Right now I’ve set up three boards full of random bits of imagery and I’ll continue to add more as I keep writing and starting new projects. Check them out:

The Stars Were Right – This is my most recent finished project and will be available very soon! (Find out more and read an excerpt at!)

Old Broken Road – My current project and the sequel to The Stars Were Right. There’s a bit of a western flair to this and I am pleased to see how much this board reflects that tone.

The Territories – This is my catch-all board, stuff that isn’t specific to either title but still fits within the world that both Stars and OBR are set within: strange people, creatures, styles, and places.

So yeah! That’s them! How about you? Do you have a blog, Pinterest board, or a collection of images that inspires your writing? Leave the link in the comments I’d love to take a look!