I wanted to share some comments I have received from my beta readers roaders regarding my upcoming novel “The Stars Were Right.” Some of this is NSFW so consider yourself warned. Want to read a bit yourself? Check out the free excerpt! Anyway… to the comments:

Totally blown away.

I didn’t put that sucker down for 6 hours.

finished! i really enjoyed it!

Sadly, I can’t literally visit the world you’ve created, but reading about it is the next best thing.

this is like a real book.

i must of liked it more than I realized because I want to read more.

AAA+++. Would stay up all night reading it again. And again.

I love it! There’s some really fucking awesome concepts here, KMA.


This was a fantastic read. I thoroughly enjoyed myself from beginning to end.

Now am on pins and needles awaiting Old Broken Road! No pressure though ;)

The reaction from my readers to Stars has been far and away the best I have received from my beta readers. I can’t wait until release and it’s available for everyone!


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