Updates! Updates! Updates!

A few weekends a month my wife and I like to declare it “productive weekend.” What this means is we both spend our time heads down and at work on our various projects. For her that’s painting in her home studio, for me that’s writing in my home office. We both find it really helpful and allows us to set aside time to push through any roadblocks that might have cropped up. Now on the tail end of our most recent productive weekend, I have updates!

The Stars Were Right
I’m in the final stretch now. Things are getting sooooo close. ISBNs are purchased. eReader distribution accounts are setup. There’s a few odd issues with the initial first-run of the book I am trying to sort out (works fine on Kindle Fires and Kindle for iOS, doesn’t seem to be working on Kindle Paperwhites or Kindle DX.) It’ll get sorted, and it’s getting very close. Excited.

Old Broken Road
As of this weekend I am 50% of the way though my initial edits. It’s amazing how quick it goes for me once I sit down and actually start editing the thing. If Stars was my Star Wars then Old Broken Road is my Empire. It’s much bleaker than the first one. Got about 5 chapters edited on Sunday. Still a long way to go, but I’m on track to getting my rough draft into the hands of my early beta readers soon, hopefully in a month or so.

It still doesn’t have a proper name, but Deep is chugging along. It’s a very different book for me and I am still wrapping my head around the way I am presenting the story. I’m about 10k words in (about two chapters.) The setting is starting to come together and I really like one protagonists, still getting the others sorted out. As I keep working I keep adding images I find to the “Deep” Pinterest board. Give it a follow!


    1. We have those weekends as well, but we try to spend at least two weekends a month working on our projects. Besides, writing is more fun than chores and fixing stuff.


  1. KL & I were talking the other day about how excited we are for the book to drop. ‘Cause yessss..

    Also, might I add – I am stupid proud of you. :)


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