Kindle Worlds

So this happened: Kindle Worlds is live and for the record I think it’s great.

Up until now fan fiction dwelled in a dark corner of the internet and wasn’t ever really recognized outside of mocking laughter. In a lot of way that’s sad. Those writers are writing out of love, love of a character, love of a setting, love of a world, and they put in a lot of hard work to show that love. It’s nice to see Amazon giving fanfic writers some validity and it’s kind of shameful the industry had to wait until Amazon did something to embrace ’em. As far as Worlds go, the terms seem more than fair and it seems like this will be a good way for fanfic writers to get paid for their work (though I wish they could get a bit more than 20%.)

So write on fan fiction writers! I know you’re doing it out of love—that’s awesome—now you can get paid!

(You know Andrew Hussie should really be licensing Homestuck. He’d make bajillions.)