I am currently obsessed with underwater cities, so when I saw this article on io9 titled “The world’s deepest diving pool is like an underwater city” it obviously piqued my interest. While not exactly an underwater city, the NEMO33 project is still way cool and needed to be shared:

From i09:

Add this to your list of things you never knew existed but, now that you do, you now desperately need: a visit to NEMO33, the deepest pool on Earth.

NEMO33 contains over 2.5-million liters of chlorine-free, filtered spring water that’s been heated to 86°F. Much of the pool is between 5- and 10-meters deep, a number of “caves,” ripe for exploring, positioned at the 10-meter depth.

Check out the full article here, it includes some great pics and a few more details.