Happy Birthday H. P. Lovecraft

Today August 20th marks H. P. Lovecraft‘s 123rd Birthday! Those of you who have been following me on this whole writing journey are undoubtedly aware of Lovecraft’s influence in my upcoming novel “The Stars Were Right.” I owe a lot to his crazy imagination.

Knowing today was his birthday I have been reflecting on which of Lovecraft’s stories is my favorite. It’s been a tough call but I think “Shadow over Innsmouth” is my #1 with “The Haunter of the Dark” coming in for a close #2. There is something about Shadows…the slow reveal followed by Olmstead’s hasty rush away from the rotting town and it’s bizarre citizens never fails to draw me in. It oozes atmosphere.

How about you? What is your favorite Lovecraft story? Let me know in the comments!

Do you want to know more about Lovecraft? There’s a great documentary titled: “Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown” that I posted before. I would recommend giving it a watch. It covers all of Lovecraft’s life and work and doesn’t shy away from the positive and negative aspects of his career. It’s good stuff.

(Also, if anyone knows who drew the illustration above, let me know! I’d love to give credit where credit is due.)