Skinner Sweet

Every once in a while you read something and have one of those “I should have thought of that” moments. It’s rarer still when those moments happen repeatedly over the course of a book. However that is exactly what kept happening to me as I read American Vampire Vol. 1.

Written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King the story follows two characters in two different tales: The first is Pearl Jones an aspiring actress in 1920s Los Angeles who’s eagerness to please put her in serious trouble. The second story follows the evil and murderous outlaw Skinner Sweet who is captured by a honest lawman in the 1880s. Snyder and King twist these stories together in a lovely tapestry of plots, characters, and concepts that left me stunned. American Vampire is one of the freshest takes on the whole vampire genre in years. Some advice: go into it blind, there’s a lot of amazing ideas to stumble upon and it’s fun to discover them along the way. I eagerly await the next trade.

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