Sea Monsters

Map and monster fans rejoice! BibliOdyseey has a great post on their site where they explore the subject of monsters on…well, old maps. Focusing on images from the book “Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps” the post goes as far to include some great high-resolution scans of the creatures drawn the pages of old maps: Renaissance-style dolphins with strange ducks bills, horned whales devouring ships, even the elusive marine chicken.

Check it out if you looking for inspiration for unique creatures to fill the page of your own manuscript or you’re just a fan of monsters, it’s full of some great stuff. Heck, that book looks like it’s full of great stuff. I think I need to add it to my home library.

Oh! Long time readers/subscribers might notice I have now created a “Maps” category. Because I am often obsessive and this probably won’t be my last “LOOK AT THIS AWESOME MAP” post.


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