Hollie and The Death of Trees by AllenWilliams
Hollie and The Death of Trees by Allen Williams

As many of you may know I am heavily influenced by art. I have a whole slew of Pinterest boards set up to organize things I find that inspire me for my various projects. So from time to time I want to share artists I have discovered with the hope that you will also be inspired.

The other day I was introduce to Allen Williams art and I absolutely love it. Working in graphite and mixed media his pieces are as beautiful and bizarre as they are stunning and scary. It’s a wonderful mix of H.P. Lovecraft and H. R. Giger with the technical expertise of M.C. Escher. There’s enough reality in his work that most viewers will find something recognizable, but he forces the viewer outside their comfort zone by twisting what is recognizable into something otherworldly. That’s hard to do, and do well, and it’s impressive how well Williams does it.

Some of my favorite pieces:

To see more of his work take a look the rest of his site, also follow him on twitter, and add his blog to your favorite RSS reader. If you want his work grace your walls as well check out his store, he has quite a few originals and prints for sale.