The Stars Were Right
Well it’s three days post-launch and I’m sure everyone who reads my blog is now aware “The Stars Were Right is now out and is available on Kindle , Kobo or direct from me. Without readers books are of little value, so it feels good to get it out into the wide world and into your hands. 

So far I have had a lot of interest (yay!) and quite a few of you have taken the time to both purchase and start reading (yay x2!). Thank you! I appreciate you helping me out. It’s fantastic to see so many people excited to read Stars.

If you have finished or you’re still reading and enjoying the book I want to take a moment to list out a few ways you can continue to help make “The Stars Were Right” a success:

  • If you like it, tell your friends.
    Seriously, this is an enormous help. Tell your friends you’re reading it and enjoying it. If you have finished, tell them what you thought. This is the best way to spread the word: face-to-face recommendations.
  • Post about it socially
    Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, message boards, wherever. Tell people you’re reading Stars. Give them a link. Start a discussion. On Twitter I have been using the hashtag #TheStarsWereRight.
  • Leave honest ratings and reviews
    Your opinion matters. Please give the book ratings and reviews on Amazon, and Goodreads, or wherever you picked up your copy. Honest reviews can really help an indie title become a success. For everyone who reads a book, fewer still will write a review, yet people shopping for a new book will pay close attention to reviews. They help a lot.

These little actions can go a long way, and they work for any new author— independent or traditional—and their stories. So if you want to help out, take some time and follow one of my suggestions.

Finally, thanks once again to everyone who took the time to pick up “The Stars Were Right.” I hope you’re enjoying it. Please feel free to drop me a line with comments, questions, feedback, really anything. You can leave a comment here or email me at—I do my best to respond to all my emails.

Happy reading!


  1. I am starting something new on my blog in the next few days … a page listing New (First Time) Authors and their websites. I’m hoping my readers will take the time to look at other people’s work, pass it on and so on. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll be glad to add you. The launch (take a moment to laugh – I have like 5 authors so far, not sure that’s enough for a launch) should be either tomorrow or Sunday :)


      1. Have finally started the book!
        Kindle cable had been hidden by gremlins.
        It was a case of:
        “Dr Frankenstein, wo ist ze KIndle cable. Ve must bring ze Kindle back to life”
        (Place Forbidden Planet Krell sound effects here, theramin et al)
        Lightning flashes at the window as I threw down the master switch. Vast electrodes, rising up on both sides of the lab, spat out bolts of pure energy across the room, spreading the stench of ozone and burnt metal. And, hunched over the control panel, Igor, my faithful servant, jumped with joy, letting out a cruel laugh as the screen came to life:
        “Ze Kindle lives! It lives!”

        OK, I put the USB cable in…

        I’ll give you some “honest” feedback when I get time my teeth into this thing.


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