Old Broken Road
I have mentioned “Old Broken Road” before. Recently I have received emails from a few folks who have noticed the counter appearing on the right side of the blog claiming it is done. With “The Stars Were Right” out the door (and reviewing really well) it’s time to spend a bit more time talking about my next title: “Old Broken Road.”

“Old Broken Road” is the sequel to “The Stars Were Right.” Set a year after the events in Stars, OBR follows a few characters from the previous book as they set off on another adventure. This time we move outside of the megalopolis of Lovat and into the harsh lands of the Territories. Like the book before it, there will be strange new places to visit, new races to discover, and a new evil lurking. I’m excited for you to read it.

As of May the manuscript was finished. I have gotten feedback from my beta-readers and I am elbows deep in the editing process. Should my stars be right I’m hoping for an early 2014 release. So stay tuned! Expect a cover reveal coming soon, a new site, and like “The Stars Were Right” I plan on releasing an excerpt. Those folks subscribed to my monthly newsletter will get the info first, so make sure you subscribe!

Old Broken Road – Coming in 2014
Some roads should stay less traveled.

I suppose this means I need to come up with a series title.