The second print proof of The Stars Were Right has arrived, and it looks great. I made some minor adjustments to the interior which significantly thickened the book, but the biggest change is the new matte cover which has a really nice soft velvety feeling when held. I’m really please with how well these are turning out. Here it is (on the left) next to the old glossy proof:

The Stars Were Right, Print Proof 2
“The Stars Were Right” print proofs side by side.

I’m still shooting for a late November or early December release. I’ll have more firm dates soon, and I’ll do a big announcement when these are available. I also have plans for some giveaways and some other cool stuff! Thank you to those who are patiently waiting, it’ll be worth it. If you can’t wait until then, don’t worry The Stars Were Right is still available for all eReaders.