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Ian McNeice as the Newsreader/Town Crier in HBO’s Rome

Happy February 1st! I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. I’m spending mine working on Old Broken Road, but I wanted to give a few more updates regarding my other projects.

I have mentioned before that I am working on two new titles: the first is the next in the series that started with The Stars Were Right which I am cleverly calling my: Unnamed Waldo Bell Story. This will be the book that follows Old Broken Road and so far I’m really liking where it’s going. The second is a near future sci-fi in a whole new universe. Up until recently it has been operating under the project name: Deep. (You can see some of my inspiration here.) Now, neither of those names are final (some for obvious reasons) and we’re getting to a point where I should change that.

Today, I decided that when I reveal the Old Broken Road cover I will also be announcing the new titles of my next projects! This should all be going down over the next month-ish or so make sure you check back often. I’m getting really excited, cool stuff is coming and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Have a great weekend. Go Hawks!


    1. Thanks! I used to keep anything that inspired me on a folder on my hard drive, but I found they were sorta useless to anyone but me. Pinterest let’s me share my inspirations with the world where hopefully they’ll also inspire others.

      I also have boards for my book “The Stars Were Right” and it’s upcoming sequel “Old Broken Road.” You can see ’em all here: http://www.pinterest.com/kmalexander/


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