Hari & Deepti's Shadow Boxes

It’s time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know!


Ten Things I’d Like To Say To Young Writers
Great (and encouraging) article from Chuck Wendig. The last point about finishing is probably one of the most important pieces of advice anyone can give a new writer. (See also: #2 of Heinlein’s rules.)

The Old Broken Road Cover Reveal Is Just Around The Corner
Those triumphant few who subscribe to my newsletter have gotten their preview. The rest of you will need to wait until next Tuesday when I do a proper cover reveal here on the blog. Only four more days!

Happiness Study Says Library Trips Are As Good As A Pay Raise
We all knew this, but here’s some solid proof: libraries make people happy.


Hari & Deepti’s Shadow Boxes
Amazing hand cut paper boxes by Denver, Colorado artist duo Hari & Deepti. The level of depth and detail achieved with just paper and light is incredible.

“After the Storm” by Kari-Lise Alexander
My last favorite painting from my amazingly talented wife has been replaced with this new one. I love it so much. (It’s already sold and won’t be lingering around our house very long so I am enjoying it as much as I can.)


David Foster Wallace was right: Irony is ruining our culture
My friend Ray Frenden shared this Salon article on twitter yesterday and I got to say it’s real good. An honest look at irony’s effect on our modern culture.

Project Naptha
A new browser extension for Chrome that allows you to copy/paste text from any image. Quite handy.

Dear FCC Why Do You Hate Consumers?
If you’re an American (or a citizen of the internet) you should be real pissed about the stuff coming from the FCC this week.

Did you see the crow I filmed mimicking the sound of my neighbor’s cat?
You really should.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Book
Books can make you happy and they can also transport you to terrifying places.

Farewell Gif of the Week:
This is how I feel around 5:00pm most Fridays.


  1. Okay, I LOVE the David Foster Wallace salon story!!!! I’m so bored of irony. As a writer I don’t give a damn if people think I’m being sentimental because I believe humans can find redemption and truth. I started writing books because I couldn’t take one more modern look at the world. Thanks for the list!


    1. You’re welcome! :)

      The David Foster Wallace piece was probably my favorite link this week. (Well, I mean, after the one about my book cover reveal and my wifes latest painting…obviously. hehe) It’s refreshing to see others feel the same way I do.

      Keep it up with your writing! The world needs more people writing from earnestness.


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