Let’s cut to the chase; as promised here’s your first glance at the cover for Old Broken Road, the sequel to The Stars Were Right:

Old Broken Road

Caravan master Waldo Bell faces a new horror, one year after his experiences in The Stars Were Right. Wal and his friends make a desperate decision that sends them on a journey down the Broken Road, where death and madness await. There they fight for sanity and survival as a crawling chaos hunts for new victims.

I am really proud of this one. There’s a lot of similarities between this and The Stars Were Right and a lot of subtle nuances that help set it apart. As a result it helps unify the series while still keeping each individual story separate. They also look really good next to one another.

Once again, a huge thanks to Jon Contino for his help with the lettering. Jon is a master at hand lettering and has done work for Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, The National, and brands like Ford, Jameson, and Nike. I’m honored he was willing to help me out with these covers. In my opinion, his lettering is what carries the tone. You should check out more of his work over at his site.

As with The Stars Were Right I’m using an old etching by Gustav Doré as the background. I have always been a fan of Doré’s work. His attention to detail is amazing for etching. There’s something masterful in his approach. If you want to see the full piece: “Rizpah’s Kindness toward the Dead” you can check it out over at Wikimedia.

Let me know what you think of the cover in the comments! Old Broken Road is due out later this year and will be available in trade paperback and on all eReader devices. Sign up for my newsletter and be one of the first to know when it launches!