Something I miss from old video games was the lack of fidelity. Okay, okay, hear me out, I have reasons. These days graphics in games have gotten to the point that it requires no imagination from the player. Back in the old 8-bit days there was a lot of room for our imagination to explore. While I appreciate the immersion high-fidelity photorealistic graphics, I do fondly remember those pixels of yesteryear. That mass of color could become a terrifying monster, or a beautiful princess, or a lush forest. I was guided by the artist and limited only by my imagination.

All that rambling reminisce leads me into explaining why I love these pieces from illustrator Anthony Wolff. His style reminds me a lot of that old pixel art. His loose brush strokes allows us to grasp concepts but also leaves room for our imagination to fill in the gaps. It’s a neat effect and it allows him to create stunning scenes full of masterful detail:

Sharn: City Of Towers


Click each image to see it larger. You can see more of Anthony Wolff’s work at his portfolio or on his deviantART page. I’d encourage you to explore his other work as well, he’s incredibly prolific and has something for everyone.