After the Storm by Kari-Lise Alexander
We’re back! It’s time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know!

First Thing First:

It’s my wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to my lovely and talented wife of 11 amazing years. If you are unaware: Kari-Lise is an amazing pop surrealism painter. You can see her work on her website or over on her blog or her Instagram account. She’s incredible. (That’s her art up top!)


HarperCollins Pivots To Sell Print And Ebooks Directly To Readers
Good for HarperCollins! Publishers should have been doing this long ago. However, part of me wonder if this isn’t a fallback for their own upcoming price negotiation with Amazon. Amazon/Hachette 2: The HarperCollinsing.

UK Author Income Survey: Another Publishing Bombshell
An in depth look into the income of UK authors, both independent and traditional. I’d wager than these numbers are similar stateside as well.

Backing The Wrong Horse: Why Choosing Sides In The Amazon/Hachette Feud Is A Moron’s Choice For Writers
Michael A. Stackpole, author of many many sci-fi books that enthralled me growing up, lays out his own case against picking sides. I am happy we agree.

Cory Doctorow On Intellectual Property In A Digital Age
Authors, just in case you missed it, make sure you listen to this keynote from Cory Doctorow on Amazon/Hachette, DRM, copyright laws, platform channels, privacy, and more. Worth your time.


Super Pixel Quest
This is very much worth the five minutes to play. Funny, unique, and fun.

Inferno By Steph Davidson
This is how modern internet art is done. Take note.

Miniature Medieval Interiors Carved Into Raw Marble By Mathew Simmonds
Love these. It’s like someone made a miniature Petra then divided it up in parts. (Really they’re based on Westminster Abbey and Ely Cathedral.) It’s really neat to see architecture from this perspective.


100-Year Old Photos Reveal The Dark Side Of Antarctic Exploration
Incredible photos from Captain Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition and Ernest Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party. The story behind these is both amazing and tragic. I recommend you look it up.

An Abandoned Bangkok Shopping Mall Hides A Fishy Secret
In the last Link Pack I posted a series of haunting photographs by Seph Lawless documenting America’s Abandoned Malls. This is sorta related, only with less America, more China, and a lot of fish.

A Pyramid In The Middle Of Nowhere Built To Track The End Of The World
Incredible photographs showing a old US military radar facility built to track incoming missiles. It’s not a site anyone often sees and it’s kind of haunting.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Shadow Over Innsmouth
I have featured this before, but since it’s Kari-Lise and my favorite H.P. Lovecraft story and it’s our anniversary I’m featuring it again! For fun, compare it to the original discarded draft.

Farewell Gif of the Week:

Weird Al is the best. THE BEST!