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Over the weekend I stumbled across two fantasy name generators and wanted to share them with everyone. While I won’t recommend taking these names carte blanche—at least in your stories—I do believe you’ll find them helpful as a starting point for your brainstorming. They are also a handy resources for Game Masters who want to find some unique names for their own settings in their next role-playing game but don’t want waste too much time over thinking names.

Muddle’s Generator
Split up into four sections: Wilderness, Dungeons, Cities & Towns, and Deities and Demigods, Muddle’s allows for a lot of filtering beyond those initial categories. It allows you to filter to names for specific things: bridges, artifacts, room names, and more. There’s a lot here and the filtering makes it really handy.

Fantasy Name Generators
Extensive doesn’t even begin to describe this enormous site. What it lacks in filtering, it makes up for in sheer selection. Need a name for a specific tree, owned by the specific bandit leader, who runs a specific gang, and who live in a specific ancient Egyptian town? You can find all that here. They even have you covered for generating names for popular MMOs from World of Warcraft to Guild Wars.

Is there a site you like that helps you brainstorm names for your settings? Leave a link in the comments! Have a different strategy for brainstorming? Why not tell us your thoughts about brainstorming below?


  1. Naming characters is one of my biggest headaches, and currently hacking about few of the ones I am not sure about so this list comes at a great time :) should keep me quiet for a while


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