You made it. It’s Friday! That means it’s time to share a few interesting links I’ve found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know!


Millennials Are Out-Reading Older Generations
Writers rejoice, rumors of our audiences demise has been greatly exaggerated.

NaNoWriMo Cometh – Four Early Tips To Enhance Your Novel Writing
Participating in National Novel Writing Month this year? Here’s four things you should be working on now to make sure your NaNoWriMo is a success.

Independent Bookstores Are Alive And Well In America
That’s right, don’t listen to the hype. Not only are Indie bookstores doing well, in the last five years their numbers have risen. (By double digits!)

Are Authors Running Out Of Book Titles?
The Guardian looks into the recent occurrence of several popular authors recycling book titles used by others. I mentioned the blog Spending The Stephen King Money in a June Link Pack. I recommend checking it out.

Publishing Advice I’d Give My Younger Self
Indie author J. A. Konrath offers up advice he’d give to himself. There’s a lot of good straightforward advice here. Worth a read no matter how established or successful you are.


Emily Blincoe’s Arrangements
Objects arranged by color and photographed. Beautiful.

Typewriter Artist
This human interest piece from 2004 looks at Paul Smith, an artist with cerebral palsy who uses a typewriter to create art. (Thanks to Kari-Lise for sharing this.)


Look Down If You Dare: The World’s Scariest Stairs
If you’re scared of heights, you might want to skip this slideshow showing a number of dizzying climbs from around the world. (Thanks to Brittany for one.)

The Yeti
An online exhibit exploring the validity and legends surrounding the mythical yeti, the alpine cousin of the Pacific Northwest sasquatch. Are you a believer? (Thanks to Sky for submitting this.)

Space Station Earth, A Map Skin
I have mentioned MapBox before, but their latest map skin is incredible. Space! Check out my hometown here.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Doom That Came to Sarnath
An ancient people conquer the mighty city of Ib defeating its strange inhabitants and bringing about a defeat of their own.

Gif of the Week:
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