I give away con swag for free, and I want to give it to you. For a while now many of you patient readers have been sending me little folded envelopes with a stamp in the mail. I’m happy to get them, but the process has bothered me. It seems a little slow and antiquated. Surely there is a better way to harness the power of the wondrous internet to get this stuff to you!

So, today I launched a swag section in my store. I’m currently charging a $1.00 to ship swag packs anywhere in the US. That should cover everything and expedite the process significantly. For now, only The Stars Were Right swag packs are live, but on the 14th when Old Broken Road launches, I’ll have Old Broken Road swag packs available. (I’m really excited about that one, new button, three new bookmarks, and new stickers. It’s very cool.)

Keep in mind, any time you buy my books direct from me, not only do I sign it, I also include a full swag pack. I might not be as cheap as Amazon, but I do include a lot of fun stuff.

So, yeah, I think the swag section is a pretty solid improvement. If you don’t have a credit card, I’m still happy to accept SASEs (address is on the Free Stuff page.) Just trying to get as much free stuff into your hands as quick I can!