A few days ago, my friend Michael pointed me in the direction of concept artist and illustrator Jordan Grimmer. He mentioned that a few of his pieces reminded him of Lovat, the city that is the central setting of my book, The Stars Were Right, so my interest was piqued. After seeing the work I can’t say I disagree. It’s pretty spectacular stuff and instantly got me in the mood to brainstorm, I knew I had to share his work.

There’s a lot to love here. Grimmer has a wide range of work ranging from the fantastical to the grounded. I love the moods he’s able to capture. Trains billow clouds of white smoke as they rush through cities, airships drift above titanic walls like fat clouds, and neon reflects off the wet streets of a buried neighborhood. It’s great stuff. Click on any of the images below to see them larger:

Train City by Jordan Grimmer
“Train City” by Jordan Grimmer
"Tyr City Walls" by Jordan Grimmer
“Tyr City Walls” by Jordan Grimmer
"Train Graveyard" by Jordan Grimmer
“Train Graveyard” by Jordan Grimmer

I especially liked these two pieces.

"Wall Market" by Jordan Grimmer
“Wall Market” by Jordan Grimmer
"Quick Photo Bash" by Jordan Grimmer
“Quick Photo Bash” by Jordan Grimmer

These images are just a fraction of Grimmer’s impressive body of work. See more on his portfolio site at http://www.jordangrimmer.co.uk, he’s also active on deviantART as well. What’s your favorite piece?