Friday! It’s time to share a few links I’ve found over the last few days. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Click here to email me and let me know! All right, let’s get to it.


10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing
Grand master Scalzi shares some advice to young writers. From writing every day to dealing with rejection. Good stuff.

Sky Gazing
Hugh Howey with some straight talk on indie publishing, publishing, dealing with the market, writing, etc. Read it, easily my favorite article of the week. It also goes along splendidly with my article from last week: Ignore The Market. Tell The Story You Want To Tell.

Hey Video Game Developers, We’re Not Idiots
I am throwing this in writing because I feel like it’s a good critique of storytelling as a whole. Cara Ellison explains why sometimes beating your reader/player over the head isn’t necessary and is often… well, a bit over the top. Made me pull back and evaluate some of my decisions.

The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People
We have looked at famous creative’s routines before, but it’s nice to see them all laid out like this. How does your own schedule compare? (Thanks to Steve for the submission.)


Women Trying To Sleep Unsuccessfully In Western Art History
For hundreds of years women in art have been trying to take a break and catch some Zs. For whatever reason no one wants to let them. Art is weird.

Rovina Cai’s Illustration
Fell in love with Rovina Cai’s style over the holiday and I am sure you will as well. Make sure you check out her Facebook page as well. Lots of good stuff.

Beautiful and haunting short shot by Duncan Wolfe for the Collective Quarterly. A love letter to Livingston Montana… well all of Montana really.


Watch Bill Gates Drink Water That Used To Be Human Poop
The headline you never expected to read. (Come on, click it, you know you want to.)

5 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Chemicals
Great little video that goes into details explaining some of the craziest chemicals ever invented by humans.

Robots Are Starting To Break The Law And Nobody Knows What To Do About It
Ecstasy and counterfeit hungarian passports… robots know how to party.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Challenge from Beyond
H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E.Howard, C.L. Moore, A. Merritt, and Frank Belknap Long all take a crack at telling one whole story, writing only one chapter each. Good fun.

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