For a while I have been mulling over a title for my current series. There’s a lot of reasons I waited (most of them boring) but the time has finally come. January has been an amazing month for me and I have seen a enormous influx of new readers. As more of you keep reading my books (thank you) and I move closer to releasing book three, Red Litten World, I realized that it’s time to name Wal’s tale.

After some musing, a quick discussion with my editor, and a few conversations with some friends, I am happy to say I have finally landed on the name. Introducing:

The Bell Forging Cycle

It’s funny how something so simple can take so long to brainstorm. But here we are, I love it and for many reasons. The ideas hinted at works on a lot of levels and it’s not another generic series title like Waldo Bell Book #1. I plan on writing more about those concepts at a later date (let me release a few more books before I reveal all my cards.) Until then I’ll let you speculate away.