I started this blog to document my journey as I began writing. I’ve have always wanted it to be as candid and honest as possible. So I have made sure to share ups and downs, highs and lows. I have talked about my fear. I have talked about rejection. I have shared my successes. I want to let others out there know they’re not alone, we all struggle through this creative process. Through it all I have trudged forward, writing my strange little novels, and working to create the best books I can.

Well, something pretty amazing happened Monday, and to stay on theme I wanted to share it with everyone here. A few weeks ago I was able to secure a 99¢ promotion with Book Bub—a daily deal promotional site for ebooks. That promotion launched on Monday, and well… I sold a lot of books. A lot. I have nearly doubled my readership and as a result The Stars Were Right took off and began flying up the charts.

Then this happened:

The Stars Were Right hanging next to Hugh Howey's WoolYep, that’s my book sitting next to Hugh Howey’s Wool on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Science Fiction Adventures list. It also ranked pretty high on a few other lists:

The Numbers Were Right
By Monday’s end I was feeling pretty overwhelmed, and excited, and flattered, and humbled. It’s incredible that so many folks took a chance on me and my book. I didn’t expect this. Sure, I expected a few sales, but nothing of this magnitude. Since this was a promotion it stuck around for about a day before slowly settling back down, but I had to share even my momentary rise with you.

I really look forward to hearing from all my new readers. I hope you thoroughly enjoy meeting Wal, exploring Lovat, and discovering just a small sliver of The Territories. Feel free to drop me a line at any time and let me know what you thought. There’s a lot more to come in The Bell Forging Cycle and I am glad to have more of you join me on this crazy adventure!


  1. Absolutely wonderful – you have worked hard. Proud of you my son. Keep on pressing those fingers on your keyboard – you never know when Hollywood might want to take your book, and turn it into a movie. I glad that you are a creative, and that writing is something your enjoy.


  2. Congrats! That is awesome, and yes, I took advantage of that Bookbub deal! Sharing the ups and downs is a great service to others, and it shows you just how far you’ve come when you look back. I am a complete rookie at all this, haven’t even self-published my first novel, but I am sharing my process, and one day….well, you never know, right?


    1. Thanks for nabbing Stars. Enjoy!

      Good luck with your own writing. It’s a long road, but it’s also very rewarding. Having an outlet like a blog is a great way to keep yourself accountable. It doesn’t matter if it takes a month, a year, or ten years. Stick with it and tell your story. You got this.

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