A while back I stumbled across an old episode of Rod Serling’s 1970’s supernatural television show: Night Gallery. (The spiritual successor to The Twilight Zone.) At the end of the episode was a short vignette entitled Professor Peabody’s Last Lecture, which is a quirky little homage to Lovecraftian mythos. I figured I’d share it here.

A young-ish Carl Reiner stars as the flippant Professor Peabody who runs into trouble while delivering an impious comparative religion lecture on the Great Old Ones… “if only for the laughs.” This happens much to the consternation his students, three men who go by names like Bloch, Derleth, and even Lovecraft.
Professor Peabody's Last Lecture from Night Gallery
My favorite part of the sketch comes when Peabody introduces the Necronomicon to his class and say it is as:

“…corruptibility harmful as the Farmer’s Almanac.”

There’s a comparison I never thought I would hear.

Carl Reiner as Professor Peabody from Night Gallery
Don’t expect a serious take on mythos here. It’s pretty silly. The best part is watching Reiner chew the scene towards the end. Luckily, this episode of Night Gallery is available to watch for free on Hulu. I’ve embedded the Hulu player below and it’s all queued up, you hit play and just watch it there. Or just hit this link. Professor Peabody’s Last Lecture is the final story of the episode and starts around the 40-minute mark.

‘‘And now if there are no further questions…’’


  1. I never knew about this episode of Night Gallery. It turns out there are other episodes of NG based on Lovecraft stories. Besides Peabody, there are also adaptations of Pickman’s Model and Cool Air.


    1. Yep! Those are much more serious adaptations. Whereas Peabody’s Last Lecture is pretty silly all things considered. I think they were all produced by the same guy.


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