I’ve long been a fan of Evan Puschak’s YouTube channel, The Nerd Writer. I like to be challenged, and I appreciate his scholarly approach to all manner of topics. So when I saw he did his most recent episode on world building—something near and dear to my own heart—I knew it’d be something I shared. Give it a watch below:

The comments on the video are really good (yeah, I know!) and I recommend reading some of the discussion happening over on YouTube. Also, I highly encourage you to read M. John Harrison’s essay on worldbuilding as it serves as a basis for a lot of Pucschak’s argument.

So, what do you think? Is world building the “the great clomping foot of nerdism” as Harrison alleges? Do you agree with Puschak’s assessment; is world building potentially dangerous? Or do you have a different take? Leave a comment below, or, better yet, join in the discussion on YouTube →

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  1. What is a NERD?
    Passion for ones beliefs and a thirst for a particular subject to better oneself through a thorough knowledge of that subject.
    Spread the word…
    The world needs nerds.
    Nerds rule.
    (If I seem slightly biased it’s because I wear my nerd badge with pride *wide cheesy grin*)
    Ps. Thanks for the tip. Have subscribed.


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