A while back, I mentioned that the some of the free tchotchkes I make up for my book launches and conventions was starting to arrive. Well, on Thursday the last of it showed up in the post. That means Red Litten World swag packs are now available! Swag packs can be acquired at conventions, by purchasing signed copies of my books from my store, or ordered individually. They’re technically free, the dollar I charge at my store is to cover the cost of shipping. Or, you can send me a SASE I’ll happily send ’em to you. (Details on the Free Stuff page.) Let’s take a look at Red Litten World‘s swag…

The Red Litten World Bookmarks:

Red Litten World Bookmarks

Each pack includes three bookmarks unique to Red Litten World. There’s the title bookmark featuring the lettering of Jon Contino and the Gustave Doré etching. The gargoyle bookmark features a quote from Wal taken from the book. Finally, there’s the Cedric’s sign a new location that will be revealed in the book. (There’s a fun animated version of this over on Tumblr.)

The Red Litten World Stickers:

Red Litten World Stickers

Behold! The first colored swag for The Bell Forging Cycle! It’s not that I am averse to color, a lot of the black and white tone I set here and over on Instagram is really just a branding decision. (Also, black and white just looks sharp.) The Red Litten World title sticker is straight forward. I thought the “i got fed at Ced’s” was too fun not to do. (I’ll go into its design in a moment.) The story behind the elephant sticker is a secret. To find out more you’ll just have to read the book. Finally, there is the seal of Lovat which is a symbol that get’s stamped on Caravan Employee Registration Packets and other official city documentation.

The Red Litten World Button:

Red Litten World Buttons

I love buttons, and the “i got fed at Ced’s” message works so perfectly in this format. I wanted it to have 70s vibe to it, mimicking the buttons and slogans that were popular during that era. The font is Caslon Black, which was designed by David Farey in the 90s and is influenced by a Caslon similar to the one used on this Carole King album. Design-nerd explanations aside, it’ll look groovy on your jean jacket.

I’m really happy with this whole set, the stickers might be my most favorite sticker set of the whole series. I like expanding the universe of The Bell Forging Cycle in weird and interesting ways and I think these little items go a long ways towards that goal.

What do you think? What’s your favorite? What’s your least favorite? Are there any other cool little giveaways I should try? Leave a comment and let me know!

Red Litten World is now only 10 days away! Remember, eBook readers, can pre-order it today for Kindle, Kobo, or Apple iBooks and have it delivered on launch day. I’m also running a giveaway where you can win one of five signed trade paperback copies of Red Litten World, details on how to enter here. Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram as I continue the Red Litten World Instagram Countdown.