Just wanted to remind folks that there is still time to enter the Red Litten World Giveaway. There are about five days left, and only 225 people have entered so far, that’s pretty good odds for you. Just click the link below, sign into your Goodreads account, and click the enter to win button! It’s that easy.

Enter The Red Litten World Giveaway →

Winners will be announced and notified on Friday, October 2nd, right before the Red Litten World launch the following week! Each winner will receive a signed advanced review copy of Red Litten World, a Red Litten World themed swag pack, and a Bell Caravans patch.

If you want to skip the whole giveaway thing, you can still preorder Red Litten World on eBook for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Kobo devices. Pre-order copies will arrive on your reader on launch day.

Good luck entrants, thanks to those who have helped spread the word. [Steve, Gus, Dan, Bianca, AJ, Loli, Matt, William, Christine, Michael, and everyone who’s name I somehow missed. Y’all are great.] Help me spread the word, make sure you tell your friends today!