The first Red Litten World giveaway ended at midnight last night. In the end, there were over six hundred people who entered, which isn’t bad for such a short giveaway. Now, please join me in congratulating the five winners! Each of them will receive a signed paperback copy of Red Litten World, a Bell Caravans patch, and a Red Litten World swag pack.

The winners are:

  • Dawn W. from Australia
  • Ted S. from the U.S.
  • Diana from Canada
  • Kymberly from the U.S.
  • Victoria N. from Australia

Your packages will be in the mail really soon. I’m excited for all of you.

Don’t forget, Red Litten World launches in only four days. There is still time to pre-order the eBook from Amazon, iBooks, or at Kobo ($5.99). The trade paperbacks will go on sale on launch day ($15) but be vigilant, they might appear earlier.

In the meantime, check out the exclusive Red Litten World images on my Instagram, and listen to the songs that inspired me with the Red Litten Tracks playlist. You can also peruse the visual inspiration that played apart of the creation of Red Litten World over on Pinterest. And, don’t forget to tell your friend. Only four days remain! Lovat awaits!