For the last few years, I’ve been sharing H. P. Lovecraft’s strange yuletide poetry here on the blog. Since we’re in the middle of the 2017 Holiday Season (you can tell because it’s snowing), I figured it’d be fun to revisit his poems and collect them into a single place. So sit back, pour yourself some eggnog, mulled wine, or a mug of spiced cider and settle in for some heartwarming “Lovecraftian” poetry.

If you want something creepy, try…

Yule Horror

Lovecraft’s creepy Christmas Poem! It’s got cannibals, chanting, feasts, death, and “pow’rs”! I mean what more could you want in a creepy Christmas poem?

If you want something a bit cheesy


Lovecraft writes a Hallmark Holiday Card! It’s saccharine and silly, not something you’d suspect from the grandpappy of cosmic horror.

If you’re seeking a poem for a cat, consider…

Christmas Greetings to Felis

Lovecraft’s wrote a poem for Frank Belknap Long’s cat. No seriously, he sent the cat a poem. Not Frank, the cat, Felis. Happy Christmas, Felis. Sorry, Frank.

If you’re really into cats and that last poem wasn’t enough…

Christmas Greetings to Felis #2

Lovecraft’s really loved that cat, I guess.

If you’re looking for Santa-related poetry, don’t worry…

Christmas Greetings To Eugene B. Kuntz et al.

Gotta go for the classics. This is a Lovecraft poem about Santa: presents, chimneys, and stuff!

If none of those work, and for everything else

See Lovecraft’s other little poems here

You’ll find a few other bits of poetry in this post, from winters greetings to descriptions of pigeons in flight. You know, plenty for everyone!

Lovecraft was both a prolific poet and a prolific Christmas-themed poet. There are a few more poems out there that I’m going to track down over the next year. So enjoy this recap this year and tune in next Holiday Season for more of H. P. Lovecraft’s Christmas poetry.

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