Way back in February, I wrote a post about the debut of Kari-Lise’s latest series, The Poisoned Garden. Well, I am excited to share that the next installment will premiere Saturday in Melbourne, Australia as a part of Beinart Gallery’s upcoming group exhibition: Dreamer, Lover, Maker, Fighter.

I love this series, and I’ve enjoyed watching her create each piece. There is a narrative richness in The Poisoned Garden that I find quite appealing. Each piece carries a shadowed sense of wonder tinged with beautiful melancholy. They’re haunting. I’ve included a few of my favorites in this post, but I’d encourage you to click here and check out the full show. It’s amazing.

Kari-Lise Alexander — "Picking The Perfect Poison #2"
Kari-Lise Alexander — “Picking The Perfect Poison #2” in the studio
Kari-Lise Alexander — 'When You Bite The One You Love" Detail [Left] In the Studio [Right]
Kari-Lise Alexander — ‘When You Bite The One You Love” [Left] Detail [Right] in the studio
Kari-Lise Alexander — "Collection"
Kari-Lise Alexander — “Collection” oil and graphic on paper, 8″x10″

Unfortunately, neither of us will be in Melbourne for the opening this weekend, but if you live nearby, you should swing by and check out the work in person. There’s a luminous quality that is impossible to communicate via the screen. The opening is Saturday night, June 2nd, from 6pm–9pm and the show will be on display through June 24th. Contact the gallery with inquiries about any particular piece.

Kari-Lise is planning a print release as well. If you’re interested, I recommend you sign up for her newsletter. It’s an excellent way to stay up to date on what she’s doing.

🎬 Overlooked Details

If you haven’t taken the time, make sure to watch the short documentary about Kari-Lise’s work: Overlooked Details, An Artist’s Journey, directed, edited, and filmed by Scott R. Wilson. (It partially documents her work on Inflorescence.) It’s fifteen minutes long and very much worth your time. It’s a raw, heartfelt, and vulnerable glimpse into her journey. I’ve embedded it below, and I recommend watching it full screen. You can view the full credits here.

🖼 Previous Work

Interested in seeing Kari-Lise’s previous shows? I’ve written about them before, and I’d encourage you to check them out, there is some excellent work, but it’s also amazing to document her growth as an artist: