Everything is becoming science fiction. From the margins of an almost invisible literature has sprung the intact reality of the 20th century.”

J. G. Ballard

I remember squabbling with a friend at fourteen over video games. I told him that someday every video game would be, at its core, a role-playing game. I argued that it was the natural evolution of the platform. (We didn’t use terms like “evolution” and “platform,” but you get the idea.) He disagreed. Here we are, decades later and everything from shooters to sports games to driving sims has role-playing elements. This quote from Ballard reminds me of that argument. As humanity continues to progress, what was once science fiction is now just modern life. The lines between science fiction and today’s reality have blurred. We’re seeing that blurring within fiction as well.

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  1. This has become the von Neumann Age. Microelectronics has made the von Neumann Architecture dirt cheap and ubiquitous, it is not just a matter of what we code them to do everywhere. Our problem is most people do not know enough about the possibilities. That is part of the failure of the literary types for denigrating science fiction for so long.

    Science and technology are part of the worldbuilding of SF and that is actually somewhat more important than characterization except to the extent that the characters deal with that techno-worldbuilding.


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