Longtime readers know I’ve been running an alternate reality game for a while. It begins with this post from 2016. Since then, I’ve shared more clues, both here and on Instagram, and in other undiscovered corners. I even collected some into a handy repository, which I update whenever new ephemera appear.

The game continues. A new narrative from the Bell Forging Cycle is playing out in yet undiscovered corners. If you’re a fan and you’ve wanted more, I’d say it’s worth your time. It leads to some unusual places and opens up yet more of the world.

If you’re looking for quick answers, this post won’t have them. But I’ve gotten enough questions and emails lately that I felt it necessary to take a moment, address a few things, and offer some tips:

  • The cipher I chose is somewhat tricky. I figured readers would band together to figure stuff out, but (so far) that hasn’t happened. So if it feels extra difficult, that’d be why.
  • The number sequence will lead to clues that will help you figure out the cipher. But it’s not a key to the cipher itself. It’s also much easier to figure out.
  • Search Engines are your friends.
  • Along with search engines, don’t forget that this blog has a search bar. It’ll be handy, eventually.
  • Sometimes it’s helpful to think beyond the internet.
  • In the end, ARG organization is up to the players. Consider engaging with each other, launch a subreddit or a discord channel, start a wiki, or even consider email threads. I’m happy to write books and make content. But I don’t have time to moderate another community.

As before, I don’t want to offer too much. It takes away from the thrill of discovery. Part of the fun is unlocking this as you go—want to help others out? Why not share what you know in the comments?

Good luck, roaders! Stay wary and as always, Look West.

“Enough prattle. Look west, Guardian.”

—Chapter 30, Red Litten World