For December, I am releasing my thirteenth free fantasy map brush set of the year, and it’s the most extensive collection I’ve ever assembled. I think you’ll dig this one.

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Vischer: A Free 17th Century Cartography Brush Set for Fantasy Maps

Today’s topographic set is based on the Archiducatus Austriae inferioris, an incredibly detailed map of lower Austria created by Georg Matthäus Vischer in 1697. The style is unique and features a few stylistic touches that really help set it apart. Hills do double duty serving as forests, and the skylines of the cities, towns, and villages are rendered intricately, giving each their own individual look.

Vischer: A Free 17th Century Cartography Brush Set for Fantasy Maps

There’s also the matter of the Schlösser—the catchall German term for a château, manor houses, or palace. Vischer drew and labeled each of these. Often these buildings were moated, and while German has a word for “castle” (burg), it wasn’t uncommon for castles to also be dubbed “schloss.” (I recommend reading the linked page, there’s fascinating history surrounding those buildings, and it goes into much more detail.) For the sake of organizational sanity, I divided the schlösser into those that looked more manor-like and those that appeared more castle-esque.

Vischer: A Free 17th Century Cartography Brush Set for Fantasy Maps

Vischer included a key, in both German and Latin, and I did my best to follow it when labeling the signs and symbols. However, he didn’t always do the best job sticking to his own legend. Towards the latter plates, the symbol marking the schlösser changes, and it begins to often include an arrow (typically used to indicate a fortified location). I’m also half-sure that the mark for “town” might be more of an indicator that there is a market in that particular village or city. Likewise, he lists bathhouses on the legend, but they never showed up in the map itself! Those sorts of aberrations aren’t uncommon on old maps, and it’s part of what makes cartographic antiquities such fun.

Vischer: A Free 17th Century Cartography Brush Set for Fantasy Maps

This is a beautiful set, with a style that sets it apart from other maps of the era. I’m excited to be bringing it to everyone. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. With over nine hundred and fifty brushes, Vischer is my largest set of the year. There is a TON here allowing the map designer to make a really unique looking topographical map quickly and effectively. It includes the following:

  • 20 Small Settlements
  • 165 Villages
  • 20 Elevated Villages
  • 40 Towns
  • 25 Cities
  • 50 Manor-style Schlösser
  • 20 Elevated Manor-style Schlösser
  • 40 Castle-style Schlösser
  • 20 Elevated Castle-style Schlösser
  • 10 Monasteries
  • 15 Monasteries w/ Other Settlements
  • 30 Combined Settlements
  • 20 Houses
  • 10 Churches
  • 25 Unique Settlements
  • 20 Open Fields
  • 20 Furrowed Fields
  • 20 Hedgerow Fields
  • 20 Hedgerows
  • 20 Vineyards
  • 30 Wetlands
  • 20 Scrub
  • 20 Individual Trees
  • 15 Forests
  • 150 Regular Hills
  • 20 Steep Hills
  • 30 Cultivated Hills
  • 10 Mountains
  • 3 Windmills
  • 5 Glass Kiln Markers
  • 15 Postal Markers
  • 5 Transport Cartouches
  • 10 Ruins & Monuments
  • 5 Crosses
  • 5 Unique Cartouches

The button below links to a ZIP file that contains a Photoshop brush set (it’ll also work in GIMP). I normally include a set of transparent PNGs in case you’re using a program that doesn’t support Adobe brush files, but I’ve separated them out this time to save on file-size. You can download them via the link below. They’re black, and they’ll look broken if viewed in Chrome, but trust me, they’re all there.


Download all the PNGs

As with all of my previous brush sets, Vischer is free for any use. I distribute my sets with a Creative Common, No Rights Reserved License (CC0), which means you can freely use this and any of my brushes in commercial work and distribute adaptations. (Details on this decision here.) No attribution is required. Easy peasy!

Enjoy Vischer? Feel free to show me what you created by sending me an email or finding me on Twitter. I love seeing how these brushes get used, and I’d be happy to share your work with my readers. Let me see what you make!

🌏 Vischer In Use

Want to see this brush set in use? I put together a sample map using Vischer. There are three versions, a black and white version, one colored, and a decorated sample. Click on any of the images below to view them larger. Perhaps this will inspire you in your projects!

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