If you’re at all like me, chances are you could use a little escapism these days. Something to pull you away from refreshing news feeds and doomscrolling through social media all day. Perhaps I can help?

Let’s Give Back

For the next thirty days I’ve dropped the eBook price of my urban fantasy novel The Stars Were Right down to 99¢ everywhere it’s sold. Unfortunately, that’s as low as retailers will let me go, but let’s turn that into something useful. Along with the price reduction, I’ll be donating 100% of the profits to the World Central Kitchen who is working to safely distribute fresh, individually packaged meals in communities that need help. It’s an incredible charity that has become vital in recent days, and it’s one I’m proud to support. So, no matter where you buy The Stars Were Right, you get a bit of escapism, and together we help feed those in need during this time of crisis. Not a bad deal, right?

You can buy the eBook from any of the retailers listed below. Want to help me give more to the World Central Kitchen? Use Gumroad and name your price—100% of the earnings will be donated at the end of the promotion.

KindleKobo Nook Apple Books Google Play Gumroad

Don’t have 99¢? Get the book anyway. (Seriously.)

I realize as I put this book on sale, an astronomical number of people have lost their jobs over the last few weeks. To those folks, even 99¢ can seem like a lot to swing for a piece of entertainment. So, if you can’t afford to buy the book right now, you can download it for free. Use the Gumroad link above and set the price at zero and bam, it’s yours.

We’re all in this together. Stay home. Stay healthy. Let’s flatten the curve. 

I hope you enjoy losing yourself in a book for a bit.