I’ve seen a host of kind-hearted readers helping me raise money for the World Central Kitchen during the current COVID-19 crisis. Now more than ever it’s important to come together and help those facing food insecurity. To continue this fight, I’m going to extend my offer donating 100% of the profits of eBook copies of The Stars Were Right through June 1st. So there’s still time to help. Details about the WCK, the good work they’re doing, why I selected them, and how you can help are below.

I like food. I’m a food nerd. A “foodie.” I like to cook. I like to eat. I’ll try anything at least once. This isn’t a secret. So, it’ll come as no surprise that when I see a charity founded by a famous chef with the goal of helping the hungry during a time of crisis, it immediately piques my interest. It’s the sort of charity I’m glad to support.

Ten years ago, Chef José Andrés and his wife Patricia Fernández de la Cruz started the World Central Kitchen to prepare food for those in need following a devastating earthquake in Haiti. Since then, the organization has expanded and has continued working to solve the issues of hunger that always arrives alongside disaster. They’ve been everywhere and have helped in all sorts of emergencies, from hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornados, wildfires, to the U.S. government shutdown, or the refugee crisis along the Colombia/Venezuelan and U.S./Mexico borders. Where there are hungry people, World Central Kitchen is there to feed them.

Photo via World Central Kitchen/WCK.org

Since the rise of COVID-19 and its rampage across the globe, World Central Kitchen has stepped up yet again, organizing food relief for communities struggling in the crisis as well as helping to feed the first-responders working to save the sick. With their #ChefsForAmerica program, they’re also recruiting local restaurants putting them back to work and bringing them into their fight against hunger. They’re currently serving over 160,000 meals per day.

I can’t think of a more noble cause right now, and I want to help the WCK as they work to help others. You can join me in donating to the World Central Kitchen by clicking the link below.


Follow the WCK on social media, they’re very active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you can get a glimpse at the noble work they’re doing. Want to volunteer? Details on how you can help are available here.

Need more incentive?

A few weeks ago, I lowered the eBook price of my first novel, The Stars Were Right down to 99¢—it’s as low as retailers will let me go. Since then, 100% of the profits from any purchase of The Stars Were Right from any channel will be donated to the World Central Kitchen. No matter where you make your purchase, you get a bit of escapism, and together we’ll help feed those in need during this time of crisis. Not a bad deal, right?

You can buy the eBook from any of the retailers listed below. Want to help me give more to the World Central Kitchen? Use Gumroad and name your price—100% of the earnings will be donated at the end of the promotion.

KindleKobo Nook Apple Books Google Play Gumroad

Speaking of name your own price…

Don’t have 99¢? Get the book anyway. (Seriously.)

I realize as I put this book on sale, an astronomical number of people around the world have lost their jobs over the last few weeks. To those folks, even 99¢ can seem like a lot to swing for a piece of entertainment. So, if you can’t afford to buy the book right now, you can download it for free. Use the Gumroad link above and set the price at zero and bam, it’s yours.

As I said a few weeks ago, we’re all in this together. Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay safe. Let’s flatten the curve. We’ll get through this.

Photo via World Central Kitchen/WCK.org

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