📍 Martello Warren
🌃 Level Two
🕚 Late Night

“Putting my failed telegraph behind me, I made my way to a small consignment store down the street. The waters that flooded the Sunk lapped against the edge of the pavement. Higher up, you’d find guardrails keeping citizens from tumbling over the edges of levels, but the police, politicians, and the more elevated class preferred to ignore Level Two’s existence altogether.”

—Waldo Bell, The Stars Were Right

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Newsie: Will Munn

Other audio from Freesounds, special thanks to: benboncan, burghrecords, carminooch, ecfike, emirdemirel, jmehlferber, juskiddink, klangfabrik, kodack, nahlin83, and sean-sd2007.

Broll provided by Videezy

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