Find yourself a community of writers and liked-minded folks who are willing to dress up like you for Halloween as a surprise. 🖤

Don’t they all look good? Black is the best color, obviously. Bonus points for the use of black and white. Double-bonus points for Drew rockin’ the all-black stealth MLB hat. Seriously though, this was sprung on me over Discord last night, and it absolutely made my Halloween evening. I’m feeling very loved today.

Thanks to Drew Gerken, Emily Earhart, J. Rushing, Richie Franklin, Scott Drakeford, and Will Munn for randomly making me feel special. Each of them are incredible people, and I’m proud to be apart of their writing community and to be able to call each of them a friend. They push me to be better every day. I recommend giving them a follow—links go to their site or to their various projects. They’re all doing amazing things.