📍 Frink Park Warren
🏙 Between Level Four & Five
🕜 Early Afternoon

“Lifts rise and fall through Lovat’s superstructure constantly. Because of their size they’re pretty slow, but it beats climbing the stairs between levels. Hundreds of them whir, hum, and clack their way along, passing between floors, carrying passengers and cargo up and down. The public city lines usually run inside the massive pillars that hold the levels aloft, though those aren’t the only hoists in the city. Lifts of all shapes and sizes owned by all sorts of interests run day and night. There are express lines and extravagant lifts for the rich. There are lifts for cargo, and for school children.”

—Waldo Bell, Red Litten World

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Some audio from Freesounds. Special thanks to: ingudios, michael grinnell, mitchelk, newagesoup, pitched senses, and soapuel.

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