Gleam Upon the Waves is a little under three weeks away. There’s a sample chapter ready for you to read right now. You can even go and preorder it! (And you should.) But I’m also sitting here looking at a handful of Advanced Review Copies eager for a few bold and ambitious reviewers to claim. So, if you run or write for a review site and are interested in acquiring an ARC of Gleam Upon the Waves for a future review, then let’s connect. Just shoot me an email, let me know your name, your site’s address, and your preferred shipping address. (If you prefer a digital copy—let’s talk.) Act now! Supplies are limited, and ARCs will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. (I’m going to keep this US only for now, but if you live elsewhere, reach out. Maybe we can figure something out.)

Remember, Gleam Upon the Waves is the fourth book in The Bell Forging Cycle. While the first few books can be read out of order, I’d say by this point, book four is dependant on the previous three. If you’re interested in reviewing the series from the very beginning, don’t be afraid to reach out. I still have a few ARCs from earlier books, and I’m always happy to work with any reviewer or review site. Just follow the same instructions as above.

If you’re not a critic and don’t run a review site, you can help out by leaving an honest review after Gleam Upon the Waves arrives. Where? I’d suggest two places: 1. where you purchased the book (if possible) and 2. over on Goodreads (or any social media platform of your choosing). Positive or critical, remember reviews are first and foremost for other readers. They help out us authors by making sure the right readers find novels they’ll enjoy.

Nineteen days, roaders!

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