Up until now the Gleam Upon the Waves swag set has been missing a key piece. Remember, a few weeks ago, when I mentioned I was working on a top secret bookmark? Well, I am please to say it has arrived in all its horrific wriggly glory. Avert thine eyes from the madness-inducing tentacled terror of The Bookmark of the Deep!

The Bookmark of the Deep in all it’s horrible glory

Isn’t it super cool? I thought it be a fun way to create something a little different for this launch. Funny enough, I kinda went about making this backward. I got the bookmarks printed and cut, then had them laser cut to knock out all those little details. That said, I am really happy with how great these things turned out. There’s even a subtle spot gloss to mimic a moist-effect on the bookmark’s flesh and its eyes. You can see it below.

Closeups of The Book Mark of the Deep

The Bookmark of the Deep and the rest of the swag set will be include alongside any Gleam Upon the Waves paperback purchase from my store (it’ll also come in the 2021 Roader Pack.) I’m hoping to have it and all my other swag at conventions when we get to do those in person. (I miss y’all.)

I’ve released a lot of awesome swag over the years. But, I think this one might be my best set yet. I mean check this out, how cool is this?

The full Gleam Upon the Waves swag set – three bookmarks, a button, and four stickers

Signed trade paperbacks of Gleam Upon the Waves, the fourth book in The Bell Forging Cycle, will be available tomorrow on store.kmalexander.com. You can also pick up the book from any of the links below, they just won’t include all the cool stuff above.


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